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Post  beavisboss on Sat Aug 09 2008, 17:52

Secure the area Guys!!

And then near the gate...

BANG=Sezam open your gate cyclops cyclops And gogogo

Boss is meditating and pray for good war...

Waiting ...waiting...nothing Oo So we left to opponent nest

Our final act of destruction

Narnia What a Face
....So i went through into other dimension

Here im zombie with some health (like ghost to be not even one saw me so they couldnt rev me) affraid

And some crazy pictures...Narnia was too strong so we ..finally fight together lol!

But hordes of evil were so strong...so i scared them to death...so they ran geek

But they tricked me into a trap so i died again elephant

But against them that was nothing when i saw this:I run like a speedy gonzales when i saw his true Strenght afro

...so i closed myself-cose i wanna live more on this crazy earthl pirat


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